We wanted the House of Pain to be a different

kind of shop. We were trying to come up with

a name that was not like all the rest, and

coming up with that name was not an easy

task. So we asked ourselves "what makes us

who we are?" Well, we are a custom shop that 

enjoys talking to their clients about their designs

and getting to know what they expect. During alot

of those conversations over the years, we often

get asked..."does it hurt?"... And with a devilish

grin we always replied " Hell Yeah It Hurts!"

Knowing you have to go through a little pain to

get something good reminded us of all the hard

work we had to go through to get the shop built

and open over an 8 month process with one crazy obstacle after another. So with some blood, sweat, and tears, we had created our "House Of Pain." We specialize in custom

designs. All of our artists have years of experience in the tattoo industy and take pride in creating unique custom art for our clients. Whether it's by walk-in or appointment... Come see us at Stout's House of pain for your next tattoo or piercing!




They met 25 years ago in a small town in Oklahoma. Both working in different industries, Lisa watched Gregg struggle for years, learning to tattoo in a state where the art was illegal at the time and imposed extreme penalties for those who dared go against this archaic law. After years of building his tattoo reputation, the legalities of the state caught up with Gregg's career and it became an obvious choice to move to a state where tattooing was legal. With Lisa's vast retail management experience she began working the retail side of the industry. It wasn't long before Gregg and Lisa were working together in shops. In time they got the experience they needed to go out on their own... And on December 29, 2009, Sout's House of Pain was established.

"Hell Yeah It Hurts!"

                                                         - Gregg Stout

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