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Gregg and Lisa

Gregg has been tattoing for XX years, after beginning in Oklahoma at a time when tattooing was illegal and a punishable crime. Lisa, whom has a background in management, now helps run the shop they worked so hard to build.

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Gregg and Lisa met 25 years ago in a small town in Oklahoma where the art of tattooing was illegal and extreme penalties were imposed for those who dared to go against the discriminatory and archaic law. After years of Lisa watching Gregg struggle to build his tattoo reputation, the legalities of the state caught up with Gregg's career and the pair made the (obvious) decision to move to another state where the art is legal

With Lisa's vast retail management experience, she began working the business side of the industry. It wasn't long before Gregg and Lisa were working together in shops, gaining experience to one day venture out on their own. 

On December 29, 2009, Stout's House of Pain was born.



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